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Dana Morris

Happy Birthday to Us
by Dana Morris

March 2001

Happy birthday to us, happy birthday to us! Happy birthday Austin Actor’s Network, happy birthday to us! Okay, maybe the rythim was a bit off there, but we sure had a great time at our February meeting! That’s right, Austin – we are 1 year old! Hard to believe isn’t it? What started out as a great idea has turned into a rapidly growing well-oiled machine! What a great place to network, share idea’s and just check out what’s going on – and a lot of you are with around 18,000 hits so far! Whew!

Well, of course for our birthday we didn’t want to work that hard, so we did our usual round of intro’s and announcements, with a few new and welcome faces in our bunch. We had actors, production people, casting directors, writers, teachers and directors there. Several classes were announced and we talked about what we were involved in.

We found out that one of our very own favorite people, Helen Griffiths, does great demo reels, and we watched hers, as well. Any of you actors out there who are thinking about putting together that reel, give her a try. Great quality and reasonable prices.

We also saw another side of Step Rowe, one of our actors. Did you read the article about lesbian musical theatre? Well, we SAW it and it was fantastic! Sassy!

That’s right, bring your stuff and as always we’ll screen it in our screening room! We love to see other artist’s work and we are there to support each other!

At the bottom of this list is a partial attendance sheet – if you’re not listed – you didn’t sign.

That’s it for the February meeting – we will probably accomplish a little more at the next one unless we decide not to do anything but have fun again. Remember – our agenda is to have no agenda – just discuss what we want to talk about when the time comes.

See you next month!

Helen Griffiths
Cary Cocke
Akie Kotabe
Nick DeCenzo
Donise Hardy
Lynn Kenyon
Susan McAfee
Nika Whita
Roger Kunshick
Rick Azulay
Van Brooks
Gary Peters
Mary Allen
Dana Morris
Brad Koester
Trant Batey
Jeremy Denzlinger
Sue Bilich
Bryan Kent

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