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Jeff Davis

Questions From a Newcomer
by Jeff Davis

July 2001

As a new layman exploring the Central Texas Film industry, I have a few questions and maybe some ideas for making it better. Of course, I realize I am writing this knowing that's readers probably have more experience than this writer. From an early glance there are a number of points to be learned. As a newbie, I have some questions of which, maybe the readers can answer.

1. Very few actors anywhere seem to be making much money. My question ? Is this just basic economics ? Is there a strategy in place to attract new films ( major or Indies ) to central Texas ? Is there a lobbying effort at the state legislature ?

2. As in most interests, there seems to be just a few people, ( mostly listed on -- -- ) that are making any efforts for outreach. Are there any outreach efforts ( other than Dan's E mail list ) to attract Film Companies from CA, NY, NC, etc. to Austin, Texas ?

It would be wonderful to make central Texas the movie capitol of the world. Sound familiar ? For music buffs. Maybe a discussion on the current lists and websites would create a healthly and enlightening share of ideas for all involved, particuraly the new ones like me. I thank you for your efforts and look forward to any comments and information provided.

God Bless,

Jeff Davis -- Austin, Texas

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