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Brad Koester

Meeting Minutes from Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2000
by Brad Koester

February 2000

Meeting Minutes from Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2000

To: Austin Actors
From: Brad Koester

Tuesday night's meeting was a success. We've formed team leaders to manage the flow of information into the site, and to manage its content. The success of this site depends on the management of the flow of information, and the delegation of tasks. We have a great framework for a March 1 release.

For those of you who showed up (20 of you were in attendance - great first show!), thank you very much. We made progress, and I'm very happy with where we are going with this. All of your input was very helpful. You dig this whole idea, and that pleases me. Please skip to the section of this e-mail dealing with submissions if the following paragraphs are repetition for you.

Some of you were unable to attend, and I appreciate your e-mails and RSVPs. I'll quickly brush you up on what we've accomplished, and then will inform you on how to submit material for March 1. We'll be meeting once a month, so you'll have an opportunity to participate in person one of these times. If you're over-committed now, you always can jump on board at anytime.

For March 1, the key areas of the website will include:

  1. Monthly writers (actors): Columnists with a theme, or perhaps people who just want to write on a regular basis - suggestions: Humorous stuff, lessons learned from good and bad experiences, what's going on in Austin film, Theater or Comedy. Special themes, and so on.

  2. Non-regular submissions (actors): same as above, but as little as one-time, or as often as you wish.

  3. Guest writers: May be non-actors, or others in the industry who are supportive of actors - may be producers, directors, casting directors, and so on.

  4. Audition announcements

  5. Links to resources

  6. Team info, who to contact

  7. Subscribe/unsubscribe to e-mail list

Ideally, the site will updated once a month, with the exception of the audition announcements, which will be weekly.


People were assigned the tasks of accepting the flow of e-mail traffic for info coming into the site:

Two editors: Michele Deradune and Sharon Cave

Audition Announcements: Nick DiCenzo

Links (screening, posting): Phillip Ayliffe

Info (redirect miscellaneous e-mail traffic): Kirk-O-Matic

Others at the meeting volunteered to write regular and non-regular submissions, and to help with social functions.

After March 1, people will be chosen to handle the HTML on the website.


If you are able and willing to submit anything for March 1, this is all you need to do: Send it in the form of e-mail. We'll format the text into a templated style. If you prefer to attach a Word document, that's fine, but it will be reformatted. E-mail your headshot for the thumbnail byline (scan as JPEG, or mail it conventionally to the PO box at the end of this page). Include with your e-mail a brief one or two lines of some project you're involved in, or something to promote yourself (what you've done, or are doing), along with links and e-mail (if you wish). That info is only for the byline. If you are writing an article or submission of some sort, you are entitled to plug yourself in your byline. You've earned it at that point. Plug away, but be succinct.

DEADLINE FOR MARCH 1: Sunday, Feb. 27 - End of Day

LENGTH OF CONTENT: It's up to you. There are no limits at this point. Just be sure to submit according to our guidelines (below), and be aware of the spirit of the project.


Monthly writers, e-mail to:
One-time or non-regular submissions, e-mail to:
Guest Writers (non-actors, industry types), send to me for now:
Audition announcements:


Our site supports freedom of speech. We will not edit content, just grammar and punctuation if necessary, but we'll reserve the right to reject submissions if they do not follow the spirit of this project. The guidelines below explain this better. Please be assured that you are allowed to be edgy and controversial. This is only as organized as it needs to be in order to stay intact and functioning. Beyond that, it is a resource meant to be free and expressive. Please feel free to speak your mind because we do not answer to any corporate interests. If you wish to remain anonymous, that is fine. Let the editor know this.

Submission Guidelines for Columns and Writing: Material submitted to must be either (a) useful or helpful to actors, or (b) entertaining. Material not acceptable for inclusion: Business or self-promotion items (i.e., a column written about a cool new headshot resource or some other business venture you're doing). Acceptable materials include: anything that embodies the spirit of being helpful, useful or entertaining to your colleagues. Have fun. That's what it's about. We like to entertain, so this is just another medium. Of course, you can plug yourself in your byline at the end of your submission.

Submission Guidelines for Links page: Links need to be chosen judiciously so that it does not become a free-for-all. A good rule of thumb to go by is to determine if the resource being linked is useful to actors. Is that group or organization acting in good faith to help promote Austin as a viable acting market (i.e., did they just blow into town to take our money, or are they committed to Austin actors)? Our links person, Phillip, is going to make judgment calls regarding links that are proposed for submission.

If you need to submit anything via the regular mail (headshot for your article), please send to:

Koester Media
PO Box 28088
Austin, TX 78755-8088

If you submit your headshot this way, you can still mail as late at Monday morning because the last thing I'll do is format the graphics on the site before March 1. If I have it in my hands by Tuesday, that's cool.

Take care, and best regards,

-Brad Koester

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