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Austin Actors
Brad Koester

by Brad Koester

April 2000

Dear Austin Actors,

Thanks for your incredible show of support for this month! The team effort and co-op spirit is alive and well once again for this April 1 release of Man, the turnout at the March 28 meeting was mind-blowing to say the least. Watching The Matrix on DVD in the big-screen surround sound theater afterward was a blast (no pun intended). A big thanks goes to our editors Michele Deradune and Sharon Cave, our link guy Phillip Ayliffe, our audition announcement guru Nick DiCenzo, and all of the writers for this month. Thanks also to the people who attend the meetings in show of support, and also to the many people who've sent a flood of positive e-mails. Some of you have regular Tuesday commitments, so we are going to change up the monthly meeting days so that the monthly meetings won't always be on Tuesdays.

Hey, just a couple of things. First of all, there are many of you who said you'd love to get involved, but were afraid you weren't able to do anything technical to put the site together. Believe me, the tech part of this is only a small part of the organization. We welcome writers of all types, and if you have something to share or add to the site, it can be as simple as composing your contribution within an e-mail message. Most submissions just come in as e-mail text, and then we reformat it later on when adding it to the website. You need not worry about the tech side. The content is the most important.

The cool thing about this project is that it is one more medium of expression that we can take advantage of in a big way. You want to add media files? Let's do it. You want to expand our features to include in-depth interviews and features? Hey, rock on! Here's the deal: This web server is plugged into a very high-bandwidth ISP up in Dallas (non-tech translation: this website is sitting on a machine that has an incredible amount of capacity and speed). The machine is locked in a secured enclosure, and is wired into redundant T-3 lines (translation: it's about as freakin fast as you can get). The upshot: (1) hosting this site doesn't cost a dime because I own the server, and (2) we can milk it for all it's worth.

Now, all tech issues aside, the important thing is that actors in Austin now have a voice. Let's use it and have fun!

Well, hey, that's all for now. There's a ton of great stuff on the site this month. Check it out.

Take care, and best regards!

Best Regards,


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