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Dana Morris Meeting/Party, April 26, 2000
by Dana Morris

May 2000

Hey everyone! We had a great meeting on April 26th. We were missing a few people from the previous one, but we figured they must have pretty busy to have missed it last night! We had everyone from tech people to actors to casting directors there, showing how important everyone in the industry thinks networking should be.

We talked about the web site, and how successful it has been thanks to you, our dear readers. We are going to make a few architectural changes, and some additions to the site to accommodate our future. Some of the ideas thrown around were: Letter to the editor; maybe someday getting together with casting directors and making sides available for the actors (and take some of the work off those exhausted agents!); a forum where we could get things off of our chest, or spread good news around; and an announcement section in addition to our audition section. We are constantly evolving, and if you have any ideas, let us know!

We started out the meeting with a round of introductions so the new people could get to know everyone, and vice versa. After that, we had some personal announcements and general announcements. One of our members, actor/singer Sue Bilch is starring in "Terms of Endurment" at Sam Bass Old Depot Theater May 20th and 21st - call Austix for ticket info - should be a great time! We also had announcements concerning classes from local and west coast acting coaches including Margie Haber and Pato Hoffman, and our own ( albiet transplanted) Donise L. Hardy and Laurie A. Guzda.

Scott, Sue Bilch's son, who has been an actor in L.A. and New York made some great points about the actor empowering yourself. It's very important to create opportunites for ourselves. If nothing is out there - create your own opportunities! Write, direct, make your own movies! Be PROACTIVE!!!

C.S.A. Casting Director Donise L. Hardy, owner of Casting Works LA (now based here in Austin), made several points about bringing the level of standards of our local talent pool up to national standards. Austin wants to bring in work from L.A. and New York, so we have to work at being professional, constantly educating ourselves to prove we are ready and capable of casting these projects. Too many actors out there sit on their laurels and wait for someone to discover them. You know what? It ain't ever gonna happen, folks. You need to improve and work at your craft every day. Okay - today's lesson is over.

The meeting finished off with conversation, munchies and wine - and a screening of Jeremy Denzlinger's trailer (he gets offed in the trunk of a car). I am telling you folks, you have to come to the meeting just for the screening room - you could die happy in those chairs!

General consensus - we in the Austin community need to work together, and networking groups like Austin Actors are important for sharing information, helping each other out, and just getting to know your peers. We hope to see you at the next one. Bye!

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