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Ms. Bubbette

Dear Ms. Bubbette: Any well-known actors not SAG? • What is Financial Core? • What happened to the movie "Just Sue Me?" • Is SAG eligibility through extra work possible??? • Improv. classes please • Are Non-union actors scabbing during strike? • Did many roles in "Miss Congeniality" go to LA actors? Texans?
by Ms. Bubbette

July 2000

Dear Ms. Bubbette,

Could you please name one known actor who is not union.

C. Sykes

Dear C. Sykes,

The short answer is - it really depends what you mean by"union." There are many well know actors who have what is known as "Financial Core Status." The union refers to these people as "dues paying non-members." It is not possible for anyone to say for sure who is and who is not financial core, because it is not legal for the union to reveal this information. But, one likely example is former SAG president Charlton Heston. Mr. Heston's picture appears on the cover of the "Financial Core Handbook," written by Mark McIntire, Sharequest Publishing.

If you would like a copy of the financial core manual, please contact Linda McAlister at <> . I believe the cost $10.00.

For more information regarding "Financial Core," you can contact Trant Batey at <> . Trant is not necessarily for or against Financial core. He has simply offered to be an informational resource.

Thank you Trant - you are a giant amongst actors!

And that is my final answer!

Ms. Bubbette

Dear Ms. Bubbette,

I played a defense attorney in the movie "Just Sue Me" what the heck has happened - it has dropped off the face of the earth. Do you know when it is coming out?

Thanks for your info.

Want to see my face in pictures


Dear Gene,

According to Carol Pirie, assistant director of the Texas Film Commission, there's no release date set for JUST SUE ME. That usually means the producers still haven't sold it, either to theatrical release or to home video. Sometimes these independent films show up on cable, though.

She was able to check this on the Internet Movie Database (; you might want to follow up every six months or so just to see if a distributor is listed. Things could change...! But don't hold your breath...

And that's my final answer!

Ms. Bubbette

Dear Ms. Bubbette,

A friend of mine told me the other day that you can become SAG eligible if you work so many hours as an extra. Is this true? I always thought if you had a line in a SAG production or a national commercial you became SAG eligible. HELP!!! This SAG stuff can be so confusing!


Dear Babybeans,

Ain't that the truth honey! SAG is sagging badly when it offers non-sag members SAG eligibility in return for picketing their cause for 80 hours. Once we actors had to prove ourselves to earn the right to be part of the elite (then) society of the Screen Actors Guild. On the other hand, however, I understand why they are striking - no-one wants to take such a massive cut in salary which is what is being threatened right now. But I digress. Forgive me!

Talking with an employee of SAG in Houston I was told there is no such thing as SAG Eligible Extra. However, should you work three (3) days under a SAG CONTRACT as an extra in Industrial or commercial projects you can become SAG eligible. In LA there's a SAG Extras Union, perennial extra actors, who are assured of a decent wage daily. When I was over there a few years back they received minimum $100 a day as an extra on a set. I'm sure they have to pay SAG dues like everyone else which ensures actors of many benefits.

To read more deeply on this subject go into

Further point of interest - Shaquille O'Neal who was shot down by SAG after appearing in "I'm going to Disneyland" Spot, today, June 26th, issued the following statement in support of the Screen Actors Guild/American Federation of Television and Radio Artists strike against the advertising industry and commercial producers.

"I've been through two work stoppages in my career and I know how very difficult they are to union members and their families. As a SAG and AFTRA member, I fully support the strike, and hope that negotiations can resume in the very near future so both sides can get back to business as quickly as possible."

And so say all of us! This is probably more than you needed to know, Babybeans, so this is my final answer!!!

Ms. Bubbette

Hello Bubbette.

I am very new in town and would like to take some improv classes or get involved in an improve group to make some new friends. I looked on the internet and could not find any information. I was hoping you might know of something.



Dear Karen,

Welcome to this wonderful, friendly town of Austin. The town where there's always something happening!

On July 22nd, Stanley Zareff will be coming in from New York to take a two-day workshop on improv. and cold reading. I cannot recommend him highly enough having taken two of his classes recently. He is a talented Broadway actor himself and a fantastic coach. In fact he is Bernadette Peters' private coach, to name one of many stars he works with. He is fun, works your butt off and you'll get to meet fellow actors from Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin. Best of all, he only charges $175 for the whole weekend! Call Sue Bilich, 452-4049 or e-mail Sue at to reserve your place. No more than 18 actors in a class.

Other classes:

* Comedy Sportz has improv. workshops 708-8578 / 266-3397 * Sam Cox, Stand-up Comedy - 409-8090 where you write and showcase your work at the Comedy Club. Any more improv. classes out there? Send them to me and I'll print them next time.

Hope we all get to meet you, Karen, at our next party, July 19, 6.30 p.m. See for info.

Ms. Bubbette

Dear Ms. Bubbette,

I'm a beginning actor with a dilemma. My agent has sent me to two commercial auditions during this current SAG commercial strike. I need the experience anywhere I can get it, but I've heard talk about non-SAG actors not being able to join SAG in the future if they do commercial jobs during the strike. But then again, Texas is a right-to-work state. What's up with that? - Commercial or Not

Dear Commercial or Not,

Mona Lee has printed out an excellent "What are the issues?" & " Why should You Honor the Strike?" To cut to the core of your questions this section should answer them:

It's easy to think "I'm not a member of AFTRA or SAG. Why shouldn't I go ahead and take this work?" The most important reason is that you are selling out your own future. Despite what you may have heard and the fact that Texas is a right-to-work state, SAG & AFTRA do have the legal authority to deny membership to performers who have done struck work. If your career aspirations include Hollywood, you must ask yourself: Is that a chance I really want to take? (From what I understand, SAG is a private company...Ms. B)

Another downer is being called a 'scab' by your fellow actors should you attempt to do struck work. And that's my final answer!

Ms. Bubbette

Dear Ms. Bubbette,

Did many of the roles for 'Miss Congeniality' (Sandra Bullock's picture) go to LA actors, or did they choose mostly Texas actors for the roles they were casting in Texas? Sincerely,

Inquiring Mind

Dear Inquiring Mind,

Having been directly involved in the pre-production of 'Miss Congeniality', I know that Texas was being offered around 60 roles as opposed to just a handful being cast in LA. Several roles were written out, a few more written in. As to the final count of how many Texans landed principal roles we shall just have to wait until the movie comes out and keep a tally on a yellow pad!

I do believe though, that this may have been the most principal roles offered to Texans in any one film , which goes to show that Sandy's heart is in the right place Get that studio of yours here pronto, girlfriend. We need more real people like you to move into Austin! Does anyone out there know what the final count was? If so, write to me.

Ms. Bubbette.

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