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Jeff Davis

Austin Film -- A Perspective
by Jeff Davis

January 2002

Greetings to all actors, producers, writers, directors and supporters. Happy 2002 and good wishes. It has been a learning and exciting six months for me concerning the Austin, Texas film beat. I have been involved in several independent films and two majors. With humbleness, I offer the following 2001 perspectives and hopes for the new year.

  1. It has been an honor to work and meet with many of the people in the central Texas USA film industry. As I expected, there are many dedicated and talented folks pushing the limits to make Austin, Texas a growing and improving area for film and theater. Not to mention just alot of good, decent folks. Sometimes, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. Other times, incredibly talented people engaged in awesome and overwelming projects. I have been honored to be involved with both in 2001.

  2. Readers in LA ( Hollywood ) and other regions of film, keep your eye on central Texas. It is going to happen here, not to compete, but to enhance. The independent film effort is newsworthy and major film production is expanding. Let us all invite and encourage major production companies here to central Texas, to network and organize the resources available here.

  3. Congratulations to everyone in 2001. Richard Linklater's " Waking Life" is recieving excellent reviews. " The Rookie" and " The Life of David Gale" brought exciting experiences for everyone involved. Playing a Texas prison guard, I personally had the honor to meet director Alan Parker and shoot a featured scene with Kevin "David Gale." Hopefully, it will pass the production cutting board. Either way, it was exciting !

  4. I personally wish to say "thank you" to the many established actors, teachers, directors , etc. who for many years have been a mainstay in central Texas and have brought and carried the industry to this point. Also, to the dedicated folks at, Austin Film Society, Austin Chronicle and others for their dedication over the years. I believe 2002 should be an exciting year for all involved. Let us all ensure it ! Come one, come All, to a properous and exciting year of film and theater in central Texas.

God Bless All,

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